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Sunday, 08 March 2009 13:05
CSDG Policy Studies bring to a wider audience the findings of programme and policy reviews commissioned by donors and carried out by members and associates of the Group since its inception in 1999.

(This page is still under construction - only our most recent study (No. 21 - A 'Blue-Sky' Think-Piece on the Future of Security and Justice for the Poor) is currently available. We hope to have the remaining reports uploaded very soon).

Author: Dylan Hendrickson
No. 2 - Off-Budget Military Expenditure and Revenue: Issues and Policy Perspectives for Donors (January 2002)
Authors: Dylan Hendrickson and Nicole Ball
No. 3 -  Security Sector Reform and Development Co-operation: A Conceptual Framework for Enhancing Policy Coherence (July 2000)
Authors: Dylan Hendrickson, Alejandro Bendana, Mark Bradbury, Laurie Nathan, Rachel Neild and Rocklyn Williams
No. 4 - Independent Study on Security Force Options for East Timor (August 2000)
Authors: Nicola Dahrendorf, James Fox, Anthony Goldstone, Zelda Holtzman, Patrick John Mercer, Jaimisse Taimo an Digby Waller
No. 5 - A Review of Demining in Cambodia: A Poverty Reduction Focus
Authors: Alistair Craib and Dylan Hendrickson
No. 6 - External Review of the UK Government’s SSR Strategy in Indonesia (July 2002)
Authors: Nicole Ball and Dylan Hendrickson
No. 7 - HIV/AIDS and Peacekeeping: A Field Study of the Policies of the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (September 2002)
Author: Roxanne Bazergan
No. 8 - A Review of Peace Operations: A Case for Change (March 2003)
Project Director: Nicola Dahrendorf
No. 9 - International Experiences of Military Withdrawal from Business Activities: Lessons for Indonesia (April 2003)
Author: Dylan Hendrickson
No. 10 - Good Practice and Working Principles in Security System Reform (September 2003)
Authors: Dylan Hendrickson and Nicole Ball
No. 11 - Scoping of Options and Issues for Establishment of an International Presence in Support of a Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) Gathering (November 2004)                                                                                                      -
Executive Brief
Authors: Dylan Hendrickson, Anton Baare, Morten Petersen and Bernard Phillips
No. 12- An Assessment of Security System Reform in Liberia (December 2004)
Authors: Thomas Jaye and Abiodun Alao
No. 13 - An Assessment of Security System Reform in Uganda (December 2004)
Author: Dylan Hendrickson
No. 14 - Does Security Assistance Contribute to Poverty Reduction? – Background Paper for the DFID Security and Development Strategy (December 2004)
Authors: Nicole Ball, Dylan Hendrickson, Alice Hills and ‘Funmi Olonisakin
No. 15 - How Can Development and Security Assistance Enable Each Other? - Background Paper for the DFID Security and Development Strategy (December 2004)
Authors: Dylan Hendrickson, Robin Luckham, ‘Funmi Olonisakin and Robert Picciotto 
No. 16 - How Does the Private Sector Affect the Security Environment in Developing Countries? - Background Paper for the DFID Security and Development Strategy (December 2004)
Author: Jessica Banfield 
No. 17 - Striking A New Balance: Donor Policy Coherence and Development Cooperation in Difficult Environments (January 2005)
Authors: Robert Picciotto, Charles Alao, Eka Ikpe, Martin Kimani, and Roger Slade
No. 18 - Review of DFID Involvement in Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) in Afghanistan (July 2005)
Authors: Dylan Hendrickson, Michael Bhatia, Mark Knight and Annabel Taylor
No. 19 - Working with Others to Deliver Security and Justice Reform: Issues and Challenges for DfID (February 2006)
Author: Dylan Hendrickson
No. 20 - Donor Whole-of-Government Approaches in Fragile States: The Case of the UK in Yemen (November 2006)
Author: Dylan Hendrickson
Author: 'Funmi Olonisakin