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Conflict Security and Development Group,
School of Social Science and Public Policy,
King’s College London,

Areas of Research and Policy Interest

  • The United Nations/ regional organisations (especially ECOWAS) peace and security
  • Women, peace and security
  • Security sector governance, reform and transformation
  • Security and health
  • The developmental state paradigm 
  • The role of the state in development
  • Agriculture and industrialisation in development processes


Educational and Professional background

Dr Eka Ikpe is a Research Associate with the African Leadership Centre (ALC)/ Conflict Security and Development Group (CSDG). She heads the ALC Fellowship Programmes, where she also contributes to teaching and mentoring. In addition, she currently edits the CSDG publication series, Comments on Africa, the ALC publication series Leadership Issues in Africa and manages its seminar series. She also manages the ALC/ CSDG women, peace and security working group and state and society research theme and co-manages the leadership and peacebuilding research theme. Eka has researched and published on a range of issues in the fields of development economics and security and development. These include: the role of the state in economic development; agriculture, industrialisation and economic development; state fragility; donor-aid policy; peacebuilding; ECOWAS, peace and security; youth vulnerability and exclusion; security sector reform/transformation; European Union-Africa relations; and women, peace and security. She is most recently co-editor of Women, Peace and Security: Translating Policy into Practice, published in 2011 by Routledge.
Eka has participated in a range of knowledge transfer and policy influencing projects including: training of Liberian legislators on security sector reform oversight; contributing to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Conflict Prevention Framework and co-authoring the Women Peace and Security Action Plan; participating in the European Union-Africa Research Network (EARN); and co-authoring a background document for the UK Department for International Development proposed framework for support to security and justice provision to the poor. 
Eka holds a PhD in Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Her thesis is titled “Agriculture the means to an Industrialisation end: Lessons from the Developmental State Paradigm, with reference to Nigeria?” The thesis finds the DSP wanting and puts forward a new framework: the Enhanced Developmental State Paradigm (EDSP) that is designed to engage more fully the experiences of non-industrial developing economies. Eka also holds a BA Economics from the University of Leeds and MSc Economics, with reference to Africa, from SOAS. 


Major Publications


Ikpe, E. (Forthcoming) Lessons for Nigeria from developmental states: The role of Agriculture in Structural Transformation in Fine, B., Saraswati, J. and D. Tavasci (eds) Beyond the Developmental State: Industrial Policy into the 21st Century, London: Pluto Press.

Olonisakin, F. and Ikpe, E. (Forthcoming) “The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission: Problems and Prospects” in Curtis, D. and Dzinesa, G. (eds) Peacebuilding in Africa, Colombus: Ohio State University Press.

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Ikpe, E. (2005) Study of Linkages from the MDGs to Country Implementation in Health: Uganda and Rwanda Health, Nutrition and Population Discussion Paper: MDG Oriented Sector and Poverty Reductions Strategies by Mick Foster October 2005