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The Conflict, Security & Development Group (CSDG) is in transition. Established as an autonomous research, policy and training unit in 1999, CSDG has dedicated itself to supporting both home-grown and external responses to the security and development challenges facing countries in the Global South. This work was made possible by close partnerships with the Department of War Studies here at King’s, various UK government departments including DFID and the Stabilisation Unit, the United Nations, and a host of other inter-governmental, national, and non-governmental bodies, particularly in Africa. These partnerships have enabled CSDG to serve as a true bridge between academic scholarship and real world decision-making in the fields of conflict, security and development. 

During nearly 15 years of operation, CSDG made a significant contribution to policy, practice and academic debates relating to conflict, security and development, and we intend to continue doing so. While the Group has closed down as a physical unit, key staff continue their work here at King’s. Our Fellowship Programme, the African Leadership Centre (ALC), has evolved into a fully-fledged training and research unit which is attached to the International Development Institute and also has a separate campus in Nairobi. The Journal of Conflict, Security & Development, established in 1999, continues to publish out of CSDG’s sister unit in the Department of War Studies, the Conflict, Security and Development Research Group. And our staff continue to advise governments and other international actors on policy and practice relating to security sector reform and conflict management, in particular.

Most importantly, CSDG is maintaining a legacy website to ensure that the full range of academic publications and policy reports produced by the Group over the years remain accessible to the public. Please bear with us as we reconfigure our website over the coming few months to better meet your needs. 

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